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Summary points include:

Increased tourism in 2013 - Spain has seen continued increases in tourism in 2013 with all key source markets showing notable increments on the previous year, including British +9%, German +13.2%, Dutch +6.8%, Scandinavian +20.2% and Russian +30%. Source: IET May 2013, European Travel Commission 2013-08-08 – view detailed chart

Positive Growth - Year on Year evolution of property pricing on the Mediterranean coastline is starting to show positive results, after a consistent downward trend since 2007, 2013 figures are now starting to show a move towards positive growth Source: Tinsa / IMIE June 2013 – view detailed chart

Foreign nationals spent €5.54 billion on Spanish property! Bank of Spain figures show that foreign nationals spent €5.54 billion on Spanish property in 2012, compared with €4.7 billion in 2011, and €3.6 billion in 2009. In the final quarter of 2012 alone, overseas investors spent €1.8 billion, up by 56 per cent compared with 2011, and by 92 per cent compared with 2010. Source: Bank Of Spain – view detailed chart

Marbella property sales increase by 21% - The Marbella region and specifically the “Golden Triangle” consist of some of the most premium real estate in Southern Spain. The volume of residential sales in the Marbella area increased significantly in 2012 showing a 21.11% increase on the previous year. Source: Ministerio de Fomento (Ministry of Public Works) –
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