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30 November 1999
Invest in Spain today

The characteristics of repossessed second homes as an investment - An Overview

November 2011

It is difficult to explain or apply investment trends to homes that are built for residential tourism. The use of traditional economic indicators such as GDP, demographics, housing stocks, etc. cannot always be applied successfully.

What is clear, is that luxury goods and non essential items such as second homes are “dry tinder” awaiting the spark from any economic fall out. Any businessperson will walk away from assets such as boats, second homes, etc. if it means he can secure his business and main home. He knows that when conditions improve, he can quickly regenerate these items, but while any weight tied to his legs threatens his survival they are jettisoned whatever the cost.

30 November 1999
The bank repossession process

Has the Spanish Real Estate market reached the bottom? Can I buy prime real estate? Can I buy distressed real estate with large mortgages prior to repossession? Can I buy during the repossession process? Can I buy directly from the Bank when they have taken ownership?

We answer all of these questions and more. Contact us for more information on how to make the most of the recession and emerge in profit.