Marbella Property Seminars

Seminar 1, An Introduction to Repossessions

An explanation of the two distinct types of Marbella repossession property. Firstly the repossession of privately held individual properties and, secondly, the blocks of real estate being taken from a Company.

Seminar 2, Examples of individually repossessed property

An example of one Marbella repossession by a bank. The presentation draws a distinct difference to this type of property compared to blocks of failed real estate projects and highlights the benefits and disadvantages.

Seminar 3, Distressed Property in Spain

Differentiating between two types of Marbella real estate held by banks; individual properties repossessed from owners who bought second homes and blocks of real estate repossessed from failed Marbella developers.

Seminar 4, Marbella distressed property; Calculating Discounts

The last seminar in a series of four. Ian Waudby clarifies the various terms used in explaining value of properties in the current property crisis. He asks the question "Is the published system of discounts misleading?"

Seminar 5, Bank Repossessed Country House

Presented by the Directors Ian Waudby, Chris North and Geoff North of Crest Group International. This video looks specifically at individually repossessed property in a development that dates back to 2002.

Seminar 6, Bank Repossessed Penthouse

Ian Waudby and Chris North of Marbella Property Warehouse discuss the investments opportunity presented by a Marbella penthouse that has been repossessed by the bank.

Seminar 7, Signature Villa in Marbella from Crest Homes

A unique opportunity to purchase one of Marbella's best properties in a prime location with views across the surrounding mountain landscape and across to the Mediterranean. The property is spacious and decorated with care and style.

Seminar 8, A Limited Opportunity

An illustration of the excellent opportunities being offered from Spanish Banks. Ian Waudby, the CEO of Crest Group, highlights the busy sales office that would have been empty one year ago. Now is the time to buy Marbella Repossessed Property he explains. 

Seminar 9, Repossessions close to Gibraltar

"In terms of high quality lifestyle this project is ideal", says Ian Waudby, "The choice with bank repossessed property is widening".
These properties are located just 10 minutes from Gibraltar, providing a great opportunity to live on the Costa del Sol with easy access to shopping and working within a British culture.

Seminar 10, Cheap Marbella properties or "informed"

Many of our clients emerged from the last Marbella recession with a 350% profit on their property purchase. But that was not because they simply bought cheap Marbella properties. It was because we identified Marbella properties that had become available at a price below the current market value, of a good build quality and in a good Marbella location.

Seminar 11, The banks will need 62,000 millions

A financial market review from the Spanish economy with awareness of the future for property in Spain. 


Seminar 12, Mortgages in Marbella

Obtaining a mortgage in Spain can be very confusing. Here we aim to explain the mortgage process for the Marbella property market in clear straightforward terms.

Seminar 13, 10 Steps to buying Spanish real estate in a property recession

Ten key steps to buying Spanish property during the recession, these essential pointers will aid your decision on how to buy a spanish property investment. The Spanish recession has created a number of opportunities in both Marbella and the Costa de la Luz for property investment - however it is essential to consider these points when considering either Spanish bank repossessions or distressed stock.

Seminar 14, Spanish bank repossession fire sales - heavily discounted bank repossession stock

Understand the process and view examples of the recent trend for bank disposal of their repossession stock in Marbella and other areas of Spain. Bank repossession fire sales usually occur with very short notice and offer additional reductions on already discounted properties. View our seminar on how to be ready to take advantage of these heavily reduced properties in Marbella!